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The story behind the painting

Picture this.
It is harvest time.
Generations ago, this was heavy manual labor.
Harvest was vital.
Nature is our protection against hunger and adversity.
The harvest was traditionally accompanied by rituals and always ended with a big party.
People decorate themselves with the gifts of nature. As rituals of prosperity, health and fertility. As a thank you to nature ...
Picture this.
A young woman. She takes the fruit from the field and hangs it around her neck.
Is it still food ... or is it jewelry?
Is it her talisman or is it just a healthy snack?

I leave that choice to you.
The painting "HARVEST" is finalist of the International portrait competition ModPortrait 2020
Participates in the exhibitions: 16 April - 11 June Artelibre gallery in Zaragoza
18 June 2021 - 5 September 2021 MEAM · European Museum of Modern Art (Barcelona).








Lockdown 2020 Many artists work alone, and so am I. But in these days when the galleries are closed and all art projects are cancelled, I am glad to be in my own workplace. I want to share with you one day in my art studio.